Samuelsohn: Our Heart Story

Throughout Samuelsohn’s history, the driving force behind creation and innovation has always been a steadfast commitment to craft and a continuing passion for luxury menswear.
For decades, Samuelsohn’s tailors signified their passion by sewing a little heart tab into the interior breast pocket of every jacket. The old-timers will tell you that sometimes, when no one was looking, an artisan would throw an additional heart tab down a sleeve or behind a lining for good luck. “We Sew A Little Heart Into Every Suit” was the quaint tagline that adorned sleeve labels and headlined advertising.


Today, we continue to signify our devotion to the finest tailored clothing, and our commitment to you, by tucking a heart under every collar. As we combine innovative luxury performance fabrics with our uncompromising craftsmanship we design for the speed and motion of contemporary life. “Passion + Performance” is how we sum it up now. So, go ahead, pop your collar and show us the love.