Our Heritage

Unrivaled passion since 1923

Committed to Superior Craftmanship

Throughout Samuelsohn’s history, the driving force behind creation and innovation has always been a steadfast commitment to craft and a continuing passion for the finest in luxury menswear.


Master Tailor, Lesser Samuelsohn migrates from New York to Canada and establishes the Samuelsohn brand through his dedication to superior craftsmanship in fine menswear


Samuelsohn’s seamstresses and master tailors work vigorously to refine the process, making sure every cut is perfect. When the suit is complete, it’s pressed meticulously to create the perfect shape


With a highly refined process in place, Samuelsohn’s master tailors begin taking their dedication and highest quality craftsmanship to the next level by putting their heart into the inseams of every garment they make


Samuelsohn expands and breaks new ground, establishing their current factory facility in Montreal, Canada


Samuelsohn officially opens its New York City showroom, bringing its rich heritage and contemporary style back to the US. Today, Samuelsohn can be found in luxury and boutique retailers across North America